About Us


“MXeneNanoTech” LLC company in USA with a legal connection to the Materials Research Center (MRC) and Carbon-Ukraine (Y-Carbon Ltd.)  established in Ukraine. With the experience in materials science “MXeneNanoTech” LLC is involved in manufacturing of MAX-phases, MXenes and related products for research purposes. NCT team provides the expertise in materials science and engineering to synthesize MAX phases and 2D MXenes for different application.
“MXeneNanoTech” LLC provides experimental synthesis of different materials for research needs, including MAX phases Ti3AlC2, Ti2AlC, Ti3AlCN, V2AlC, Nb2AlC and others, MXenes Ti2C, Ti3C2, V2C and others – multillayered, delaminated in aqueous or solvent media, different surface functionalisaztion can be developed on the order as well. For the best research results we recommend to use our materials, that have high quality and proven controlled stable properties that is the critical point in research.