We supply  Ti3AlC2, Ti2AlC, V2AlC, Nb2AlC MAX-phase materials and MXenes and also customized laboratory etching reactors fro  MXene synthesis and others related to MAX phase and MXene processing.  Please send all your enquiries and contact us for your orders by

Due to many years of successful cooperation MXeneNanoTech is the official MXene licensed partner of Drexel University, USA, the initial inventor of these materials, allowing us manufacture MXenes and MXene products in different forms (for various applications) for research and educational purposes and supply them worldwide. 

MXeneNanoTech provides synthesis of MXenes V2C, Ti2C and Ti3C2 (delaminated, multilayered), MXenes in aqueous media and different solvents, specific surface functionalisation and customizable flake size.

MAX phases Ti3AlC2, Ti2AlC, V2AlC, Nb2AlC, Mo3AlC2,  others are also possible on specific customized orders.

MXeneNanoTech is engaged in experimental synthesis and customized manufacturing of  various materials for scientific research needs. We synthesized MAX-phase and MXene materials for more than 300 universities, research laboratories and  companies from different countries within joint R&D projects and customized orders.

Also we are open for cooperarion with academy and industrial partners, and will be glad to take part in international research and development projects.We have many successfully completed Horizon 2020 European projects, US DoE projects and are open for all r&d collaborations.


Our MAX-phase materials have specific composition intended for obtaining MXene. Available particle size:  ≤ 200, ≤100, ≤ 40 microns or bulk material. MAX-phases solid samples or targets are also available.